1. Diabetes

  2. Vat Vyadhis - all types of diseases of nervous system, joints and pian.

  3. Kustha - all types ofl Skin disorders.

  4. Hair and Beauty Problems.

  5. Diseases of the digestive system including chronic dysentry, colitis.

  6. Pratishyaya(cold), Kapha(cough) and other Respiratory Problems.

  7. Sexual Problems.

  8. Raktpitta (All types of Bleeding disorders and Blood born diseases.)

  9. Oja Kshya (AIDS, Cancer and diseases of vital organs).

  10. Gynecological Problems

  11. Nija-swayathu (All types of indigenous oedema).

  12. Manas-Roga (Diseases related to disturbed mind and depression).

  13. Ayurvedic Therapy For DIABETES,High CHOLESTROL,High Blood Pressure.

  14. A systemic Ayurvedic Massage and Steam bath Facility is also available.

Ayurvedic Treatment for following diseases is avaiable at Shraddha Clinic