What are Tridoshas and how they work ?

According to Ayurveda, Tridosha's are main active principle of body.Equilibrium of Tridosha maintain the health.Vat,Pitta & Kapha are these Tridosha which works together with the help of Sapta Dhatus [seven main organs ] and Agni [ digestive power ] thoughout the human life.Vata controls breathing, intake of food, Nervous Systems, Controll all voluntary and involuntary activities of the body.It also helps digestion and excession.Pitta helps to digest, to maintain colour of the body.Maintain the power of eyesight and helps in metabolic activities.Kapha maintain the strength of the body and lubrication of joints.It also helps mixing of food which helps for digestion.

Can any one take Panchakarma Treatment ?

Yes. Any normal person can take Panchkarma treatment for better health. Panchakarma is to make servicing your own body.It helps to improve Agni, i.e. digestive process. It is a Shuddhi Kriya i.e. helps to remove toxins from the body.

Does Diabetes can be traeted with the help of Ayurveda ?

Ayurvedic treatment diet advise and some Panchakarma are very effective for treating Diabetes.Diabetes is metabolic disorder. Medicines like Vijaysor,Trifala, Amalaki improve metabolism.These medicines are also effective for reducing fats, excess of cholesterol. Some Ayurvedic drug are proven effective on Diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy and skin diseases. Along with internal medicines , Panchakarma like Vaman, Basti are also effective in treatining Diabetes.For stress related Diabetes, Yoga, Dhyana, Pranayam, Shirodhara are useful for improving psychological condition of the patient.

Does Cancer treated with the help of Ayurveda ?

Yes. Early stages of Cancer can be treated by the Ayurvedic medicines.The Ayurvedic medicines help to fight against the side effects of treatment caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatment.The medicines increases the immunity level that helps to fight against Cancer.

What is Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy ?

Applying only beauty creams is not the beauty therapy.Your complexion and glowing skin depends on your digestion and blood purity.Thus Ayurvedic medicines alongwith herbal facial by medicated oil will give best resultsfor beauty treatment. Medicated oil facial, herbal face pack improves blood circulation which gives a healthy glowing skin.

Does any treatment is available for normal delivery or safe pregnancy ?

Yes. Purification of the body by Panchakarma before conception leads to to good results in pregnancy. In Ayurveda, there are medicines for every month which are available in palatable form to avoid miscarriage, abortion and for good health of the feotus. Oil abhyanga and Matra Basti in third trimester helps for normal delivery.

Do Ayurveda have any treatment available for Psychological Disorders ?

Ayurveda has given importance to mental health.Ayurvedic treatment has been successfully done on further diseases like Pscizophrenia, Depression,Autiszm & Epilepsy.Treatment like Shirodhara,Shirobasti, Nasya are some of the treatments available in Ayurveda for psychological disorders. Shirodhara is the most effective treatment in stress management & stress related diseases.