1. Avoid synthetic, fried and processed foods.

  2. Do not eat rich food stuff. eat those which are easily digestible.

  3. Left overs are the biggest source of oxidants. So do not eat them.

  4. Do not eat foods which are excess oily, cold, hot, salt, sweet or sour.

  5. Fruits should not be eaten immediately after food.

  6. Drink warm water to purify your body.

  7. Drink water 1 and half hours after food.

  8. Do not go for overeating or undereating.

  9. Do not skip meals.

  10. Gynecological Problems

  11. Do not eat forcibly, if you do not want to eat. Go for water and fruits if it is meal time.

  12. Do not drink tea or coffee after meals.

  13. If needed, take only water, fruit juice or lemon juice between meals

  14. Avoid any physical activity like – swimming, running or having sex immediately after food.

  15. Be attentive while taking your food. Do not get diverted by watching television, reading, hearing songs or working during meals.

  16. Eat dinner at least 2 hours prior to sleep.

  17. Avoid usage of any drugs, cigarettes, alcohols or any addictive substances.

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